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Smarter Web Metrics

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The weekend in sports proved to be as about as exciting as I had hoped.

Northern Ireland’s Darren Clarke became the third man from that region to win a golf major in 3 of the last 6, and it was Clarke’s first British Open title.

And as to the U.S. Women’s soccer team, they played a nailbiter of a match, but in the end the team from Japan won on penalty kicks.

My hat goes off to both teams.  I had a whole living room full of soccer fans, and we were all nervous wrecks up to that last penalty kick that gave Japan this year’s World Cup trophy.

Still, it was an awesome game all the way around, and I wish my friends in Japan a very happy celebration.  They could probably stand some good news about now!

Now, on to business.

Later today, IBM will announces its second quarter 2010 earnings.  You can check the Investor Relations site for more details.

On the announcement front, today saw the introduction of a new cloud-based Web analytics and digital marketing suite intended to help organizations automate online marketing campaigns across their online channels, including web sites, social media networks, and even mobile phones.

The new offering combines the best of Coremetrics and Unica, and provides analytics that help companies better determine the effectiveness of new products and services, fine tune their marketing campaigns, and create personalized offers in real-time across channels.

More Digital, More Integration

With 64 percent of consumers making a first purchase because of a digital experience, it’s critical that marketers understand online behavior and refine their marketing activities accordingly.

The IBM Coremetrics Web Analytics and Digital Marketing Optimization Suite automates and simplifies a company’s ability to design and deliver a tailored online experience and marketing promotions through real-time personalized recommendations, email ad targeting, and more:

  • Enables marketers to perform advanced segmentation and automate marketing execution based on multichannel data, including off-line data sources
  • Delivers real-time product recommendations for all online channels, including social, mobile, email, and display ads
  • Provides A/B testing capabilities to help search engine marketers compare pairs of search terms to determine the most cost-effective terms and associated ads
  • Incorporates best practice key performance indicators and corresponding industry-specific benchmarks
  • Supports deep analysis into how customers interact with a brand over time and when each marketing program is the most effective.

Using this technology, businesses will be able to evaluate Facebook or Twitter activity, and offer customers tailored promotions delivered to their mobile devices on the fly.

IBM’s suite also enables businesses to deliver and fine tune digital marketing programs based on what customers are doing offline.

For example, a consumer who purchased a new tablet in a brick-and-mortar store would receive special offers via email to purchase tablet accessories.

The benefit to the customer is a consistent, relevant brand experience that reflects all of their online preferences, not just what they did, read or saw on one specific site.

Smarter Web Metrics, Smarter Commerce

The IBM Coremetrics Web Analytics and Digital Marketing Optimization Suite is the newest addition to IBM’s family of Smarter Commerce solutions,which is focused on helping companies more effectively market, sell and secure greater customer loyalty in the era of social networking and mobile computing.

Smarter Commerce transforms how companies manage and swiftly adapt to customer and industry trends across marketing, selling and service processes that span the entire commerce cycle, putting the customer at the center of their decisions and actions.

To learn more about this and other marketing solutions please visit the IBM Enterprise Marketing Management site.

IBM To Acquire Coremetrics

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IBM announced its intent to acquire Coremetrics, a web analytics and marketing optimization firm headquartered in San Mateo, California, for an undisclosed sum.  Coremetrics solutions help companies measure and improve the effectiveness of online marketing programs. 

Companies are faced with an increasingly complex set of digital outlets to interact with customers, ranging from websites and mobile applications to e-mail and aggregator sites.  Businesses must continuously focus on enhancing the customer experience and respond quickly to the changing landscape to differentiate themselves in the global marketplace.

Results from the IBM 2010 CEO Study showed:

  • 88% of CEOs will focus on getting closer to their customers in next 5 years

  • 82% of CEOs want to better understand customer needs

  • 85% of CEOs require more visibility into their businesses

70 percent of a consumer’s first interaction with a product or service takes place online. 

IBM and Coremetrics will combine to deliver broader cross-channel marketing and customer experience solutions to help marketing professionals achieve business agility.

The combined capabilities of IBM and Coremetrics will help clients gain enhanced customer insights through cross-channel analytics and metrics to measure marketing effectiveness and enable proactive response.

The expanded portfolio will enrich the customer experience by delivering targeted interactions with cross-channel intelligent offers and recommendations and enable organizations to automate and optimize marketing efforts.

Coremetrics’ solutions are delivered in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, and their technology provides the insight and tools to target customers with relevant content or products. 

Coremetrics will become part of the IBM Software Application and Integration Middleware unit.

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June 15, 2010 at 1:56 pm

Traffic Patterns

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TechCrunch posted about the Twitter/Facebook horse race, which seems to me isn’t much of one these days.

In terms of activity, Twitter is staring into Facebook’s rearview mirror.

The September comScore data revealed that Facebook had grown by over 3M unique visitors in September, as Twitter flatlined.

The gap between the two is now 75M uniques (in the U.S.), although TechCrunch does acknowledge many folks (including me) use Twitter clients, so perhaps those numbers aren’t an exact reflection of the usage.

So perhaps they should be counting calls to the API instead?

Me, I’ve noticed a dwindling in my own Twitter behavior.  I use it mainly to highlight my blog posts, and when I travel.

I roam, therefore I Tweet.

But I’ve not been traveling much of late, and I’m too damned busy to sit around and Tweet all day when I’m stuck in front of the computer on the home front.

So instead, I use TweetDeck more now as a monitoring tool to keep an eye on what others are saying/posting…but even then, the firehose is now too voluminous to consume it all.

Which leads back to a post I wrote a couple of years ago (if I can find it, I’ll come back and add a link to it) about the need for metafilters in the information overload age.

As for Facebook, I find it’s a much better tool for staying in touch with people on a personal basis, so I’m probably spending more time there using it as a basic communications tools, and saving my Tweets for more work related matters.

Although because I have the Facebook Twitter update on, all my work related posts get face to Facebook.

C’est la vie.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to all that work I was talking about earlier.

It’s fall plan time, a special kind of hell around these parts.

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October 14, 2009 at 5:21 pm

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