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Anything For Ratings

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Rozlyn, Formerly of ABC's "The Bachelor"

Rozlyn, formerly of ABC's "The Bachelor"

Anybody see the drama on “The Bachelor” last evening?

Whoaaaa…didn’t see that one coming.

And apparently neither did “The Bachelor’s” Web team, who as of this morning hadn’t updated Rozlyn’s bio, the status for which says “Still competing for Jake” (see screenshot captured around 8:30 CST today).

Is there something somebody isn’t telling me?

If you didn’t hear about the bombshell, last evening, it was revealed that Rozlyn was allegedly having an on-set affair with one of the production staff and, when considering she was supposed to be on the show to get to know Jake, it kind of defeated the point if she was consorting with the help.

And poor, poor Jake, who was innocently drawn into the black widow Roz’s arms and had even given her a rose before she stomped on his wittle bitty Texas heart.

See my prior post to see why I would even waste any pixels on this.

As for my own pick for Jake, so far I’m putting good odds on Ali to go all the way…so to speak.

But a seemingly nice girl like her had better grow some claws and soon if she wants to survive the vicious UFC Tiger Cage Fighting likely coming her way soon.

The fact that an unscripted reality TV show (read: cheap to produce) about a guy trying to find a wife on national TV is now two hours long is a barometer of exactly what the commercial broadcast TV industry has come to.

That, and the recent snafu with trying to figure out exactly what time slot would best work for Jay Leno…err, the local NBC affiliates.

Which, in turn, has led to lots of discussions about which network Conan O’Brien may best be suited for — after the suits at NBC have thrown O’Brien once again into Leno’s exhaust.  “Conan, what are you doing under that Leno bus!?”

As for what to show in the coveted 10 PM time slot that allegedly serves as the savior for beefing up the ratings of your late local news, well…good luck with that.  Maybe some “Seinfeld” reruns?

They’re calling that slot the “DVR hour,” although that’s what I’m calling every hour of television I watch these days. The only thing I might remotely watch live anymore is news or sports, and usually even sports these days is delayed so I can watch at my own pace and sans commercials.

Does nobody on Madison Avenue own a DVR??

No, John Boy and the rest of the Waltons can say “Goodnight” all night long to appointment television, and it’s high time that the commercial TV programmers start to rethink the entire programming slate.

Also, they might want to work more closely with their interactive teams, and Heaven help ’em, please update the Web page when something happens on the TV show.

Let’s face it, that’s about the closest thing to appointment TV you’ve got left, a bachelorette getting booted for philandering with the staff, and just because the show was taped last June doesn’t dismiss the need to keep the Web tie-ins in synch.

As for NBC’s empty TV time slot, perhaps Rozlyn could jump over to the Peacock network and strut her stuff and suggest her own new reality TV show there.

The pitch? Disgruntled ABC “Bachelorette” breaks Bachelor’s heart and sets out to date underemployed NBC executives trying to find ways to keep Conan O’Brien from going postal at 30 Rock.

I’d watch every second of it…on my DVR.

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January 12, 2010 at 3:20 pm

The New Bachelor

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I haven’t watched “The Bachelor” in a few years.  Of course, they don’t exactly have a stellar record when it comes to matchmaking.

Part of my interest derives from having studied documentary filmmaking for my graduate degree (I also helped co-produce a documentary), and also because this season’s bachelor is my childhood orthodontist’s son.

Jake Pavelka hails from my hometown of Denton, Texas, and currently works as an airline pilot for Atlantic Southeast Airlines (which supports Delta Connections).

He recently gave an interview about his experiences thus far to my hometown newspaper, The Denton Record-Chronicle.

I missed Pavelka’s stint on “The Bachelorette” (where he apparently made it to the Final Four before getting the boot), but the DVR is powered on for this go ’round.

My mom is trying to get some inside skinny from Jake’s father, Dr. Pavelka, but she’s had no success.  The doctor’s lips are sealed (or, in his case, perhaps his teeth are just plain wired shut).

I just hope when they do the family visit thing on this season’s show, that I don’t start having flashbacks to Dr. Pavelka tightening my braces or adjusting my head gear when I see the nice doctor on TV.

That man caused me a lot of pain as a small child (and I’m glad he did).

Of course, just because Jake has a nice smile doesn’t mean he’s not willing to play hardball when it comes to the competition.

On last season’s “The Bachelorette,” after getting booted by Jillian Harris he paid a visit anyway to inform her that one of her likely last round picks, Wes, had a girlfriend.  Jake plays some hardball!

Makes me wonder if his dad tightened Jake’s braces a little too tight as well.  Made him ornery!

Here’s the clip:

Dude, you are a better man than I to try and date 25 women at one time while everybody watches on national TV.

I wish you good luck in finding a bride and competing the marriage hat trick with your bros…but when you’re in the cockpit, please, keep an eye on the horizon!

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January 4, 2010 at 10:31 pm

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