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Cloudy With A Chance Of Prosperity

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Reuters has a story this morning that has IBM launching a new cloud computing service that is “aiming to take on companies such as Amazon.com Inc, Google Inc, Microsoft Corp and Salesforce.com Inc.”

The “Smart Analytics Cloud” is allegedly IBM’s biggest cloud computing service yet and would be the first to adopted internally.

That’s a grand idea.

If we IBMers can’t beat on that cloud and make it weep, then it stands a pretty good chance of helping you run your critical business applications.

When it comes to internal testing on our intranet, we’re like a collection of Formula One race car drivers in a demolition derby: Lead, follow, or crash (in a good way…you know, the kind that helps you learn.)

As Reuters observes, business interest in cloud computing has picked up since Amazon started offering storage and computing services over the Web .

As I surfed looking for more info on this announcement, I stumbled upon this TechCrunch post, which provides a bit more detail.

It explains that the new “IBM Smart Analytics Cloud” will be unveiled internally with more than a petabyte of info, and will provide 200K of IBM sales and development folks with actionable business intelligence.

Called “Blue Insight,” the service will gather information from nearly 100 different information warehouses and data stores.

Anything to help those of us inside the blue cloud to find information mo’ faster and mo’ better is a good thing.

Not that we don’t have a lot of great IT and information resources already, but like any business, we can always get better and we can certainly get faster.

Written by turbotodd

November 16, 2009 at 1:55 pm

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