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Helping Folks From Harvey

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Happy Monday.

Hurricane Harvey proved to be as formidable a Mother Nature foe as we anticipated, and then some.

After storming the beaches of Rockport and Port Aransas, Harvey’s rain bands settled in and around Southeast Texas, hammering municipalities up and down the coast. Houston was particularly hard hit, with flooding around the city stranding people on rooftops — of cars and homes — and bringing out a kind of citizen navy over the weekend, with 911 calls overwhelming the city’s official responders.

Social media has also played a role in keeping people in the loop, and offering up needed lifelines in urgent situations.

CNN reported hundreds of stranded Texas residents sought help by posting on Facebook and Twitter, often Tweeting their addresses directly to emergency officials. They also organized rescue missions through Facebook groups, posting harrowing pictures to show how high the water had risen.

So how you can you help? Slate has published a listing of a variety of Texas local charitable organizations, and you can always donate directly to the American Red Cross.

Oh, and a friendly reminder…Harvey’s not done with Texas. The storm is hovering over Southeast Texas and is expected to drop another 20-30 inches of rain before this is all over.

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August 28, 2017 at 9:04 am

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The Harvey Wallbanger

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Well, here we are in Central Texas, not eagerly awaiting the arrival of Harvey (Wallbanger) the hurricane. It’s been a while since our last big named storm (Hurricane Ike, 2008), and oh how quickly we can forget what happened and how bad it hit places (like Galveston) along the Texas Gulf Coast.

The latest reports have Harvey having strengthened to a Category 2 storm overnight, and could make landfall as a Category 3 or higher, with winds of at least 11 miles per hour.

After it makes landfall, Harvey is expected to loom over Texas and dump more than 35 inches of rain in some areas, so low-lying areas are not the place you want to hang out for Harvey.

Here in Austin, we expect to get several inches, but nobody knows until Harvey makes his arrival, but it’s definitely the coastal cities that need be most concerned.

I’ve dug up a few social and digital resources for those who still have power in the storm area, or also for those just interested in keeping track of Harvey’s wallbanging:

Hashtag: #harvey, #hurricaneharvey

NY Times on Twitter: @NYTNational, @mannyNYT, @alanblinder, @ckrausss

Weather: @weatherchannel or www.weatherchannel.com, @NWS (National Weather Service), @NWSSPC (Storm Prediction Center), @accuweather

Satellites: @NOAASatellites

Hurricane Specialists: @53d_HHA (US Air Force Hurricane Hunters), @NOAA_HurrHunter) NOAA Hurricane Hunters

If you’re in any of those areas, wherever you decide to flee to higher ground or ride out the storm, please, be safe and be smart.

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August 25, 2017 at 9:23 am

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