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World Cup Fried Calamari

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I think everybody needs to get off Paul the octopus’ back.

I mean, really.

First, he’s a German octopus.  So he clearly could have been biased.

Second, he’s just calling these World Cup games like he sees them.

Err, correction: How he feels them.

Third, it’s a long way down from the top. 

Or rather, it’s a long way up from the bottom.

Anyhow, you know what I mean.

I find it most interesting that Paul started predicting soccer matches during the 2008 European Soccer Championships.  That year, he was four for six.


Paul the Octopus contemplates the outcome of the World Cup final between Spain and The Netherlands.

Now, he’s on his way to six in a row, the odds of accurately picking correctly which are 216 to 1.

I’m thinking that if Paul keeps this up, he may want to find an aquarium in Vegas and soon.  He certainly has a better record in selecting winners than many of the so-called experts.

Of course, they’re not exactly crying for Paul in Argentina, whose loss to Germany led many to suggest a mission to capture, kill, and serve Paul with potatoes (Personally, I like my calimari with rice, but that’s just me).

The Germans don’t seem to be much happier with Paul now that the eight-legged traitor also accurately predicted their own loss to Spain, with many calling for grilled octopus in the restaurants of Berlin and beyond.

What’s a poor soothsaying octopus to do?

Well, Paul could follow the LeBron James model established just last evening. 

He could call his own press conference and provide some massive prediction about the fate of the Democrats in this year’s U.S. mid-term elections or something similarly yawn-inspiring.

Of course, as is so often the case with such instances, social media is the big winner for a story like this.

“Paul the Octopus” and “Pulpo” (Spanish for Octopus) are trending bigtime on Twitter search, and you can’t navigate YouTube without stumbling across Paul sliterhing his way over to the Spanish flag.



I see at least a minor opportunity for helping the distressed Spanish economy:“Pulpo for FIFA Presidente” T-shirts for everybody!

Me, I’m off to Istanbul for a few days’ business.

Come Sunday evening, I plan to be firmly ensconced in a bar somewhere along the Bosphorus enjoying some kalamar tava, a Turkish-style fried calamari, as Spain proves Paul to be a true underseas Kreskin and takes World Cup 2010 to its most logical and seaworthy end.

Written by turbotodd

July 9, 2010 at 3:01 pm

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