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IBM SmartCamp Finalist Profile: Bitcarrier — Giving Us Back Some Of Our Time

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Martin Mendez, CEO of Bitcarrier, the IBM SmartCamp Barcelona winner, has a vision he wants to share: To give us all back some of our time.

Cristina Galan, the chief financial officer for Bitcarrier, explains to the IBM SmartCamp finals audience gathered in San Francisco how Bitcarrier's traffic monitoring capabilities can help improve the quality of life and make for smarter cities.

His company, Bitcarrier, is the leading provider of real-time traffic information for smart cities, and the way it gathers such data is ingenious.

Rather than depending on the traditional looping or camera-instigated traffic monitoring, the company’s patented Bluetooth and Wi-Fi scanning technology provides very accurate and reliable traffic information in real-time.  In essence, it gathers “signals” from all those GPS and smartphone devices in our moving vehicles, anonymously, and uses that information to better understand traffic flows and patterns.

By collecting locations from an average of 48% of target vehicles in real time, BitCarrier has created the biggest database of citizens’ travel behavior.

This information can serve as the basis for decision-making regarding new infrastructure or mobility policies, such as the provisioning of public transportation.  It also has significant potential from private companies who are building services and applications they could provide to clients and cities.

To date, Bitcarrier’s vision is shared and used by cities such as Barcelona, Rio de Janiero, and Sao Paulo, as well as partners like Telvent-Schneider Electric.

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