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Hack the Fax

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Your fax machine is making that awful sound and is out of paper, and oh, yeah, now it’s also being hacked.

And the 1980s wants it back, stat.

While you’re waiting for the time machine to kick in, know that CNBC is reporting that Check Point Software Technologies researchers on Sunday released a report indicating that fax machines have serious security flaws.

And those vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to steal sensitive files through a company’s network using just a phone line and a fax number.

To whit one must logically ask the question, who in 2018 is still using a fax machine?

And to which the answer is apparently tens of millions (including in those nifty all-in-one printers).

Here’s how CNBC is reporting that the hack works:

They faxed over lines of malicious code disguised as an image file to the printer, relying on the fact that no one usually checks the contents received over a fax. The file was decoded and stored in the printer’s memory, which allowed the researchers to take over the machine. From there, they were able to infiltrate the entire computer network to which the printer was connected.

These kinds, they think of everything these days. 

What’s my next, my Royal portable typewriter??

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August 13, 2018 at 9:24 am

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