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Austin Bomber Bombed Out

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Good news!

The Austin bomber blew himself up in his own car last night after the Austin Police Department chased him down as he escaped a Red Roof Inn hotel.

So I guess we can say the Mini-Unabomber’s career was cut short by what can only be referred to as “foreseen” circumstances.

I tell you one damn true thing: The entire Austin metropolitan area took a long, deep breath when they woke up to the news this morning.

Like so many armchair sleuths were probably thinking, I would imagine when all was said and done, walking into those FedEx’s with only a baseball cap and stringy blond hair…yeah, that wasn’t one of your more brilliant moves, Einstein.

Austin Police Chief Brian Manley indicated “there were several leads that led us to this person,” including, he said, the surveillance video.

Officials apparently haven’t ruled out that the 24-year old man could have had accomplices, nor do they have any insights into his motives. Apparently he wasn’t up for a chat before he took himself out.

Just to recap: The guy was responsible for at least six bombs that killed at least two people and wounded five others, and I would imagine, sent shivers through FedEx, UPS, and other distribution workers across the city.

Acting out of an abundance of caution, Austin Mayor Steve Adler has warned city residents to continue to watch out for suspicious packages that the bomber may have planted before his untimely demise. 

As for all those thoughts and prayers that came Austin’s way these past two weeks (and yes, a little bit of hate, too), they were much appreciated, as was the support from the FBI, ATF, and all the other three letter agencies that landed in Travis County ready to hunt this mother——— down. 

Not to sound too terribly bloodthirsty, but it was a proper and fitting end. When you play with matches…

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March 21, 2018 at 9:35 am

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