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The Waiting

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It was a pretty shitty day to wake up to hearing about the insane tragedy at Mandalay Bay, now the “worst shooting in American history,” as if we’re constantly seeing if we can outdo the last worst shooting.

And now singer Tom Petty is reported to have been found in his Malibu home in full cardiac arrest, and TMZ reporting he’s got no brain activity and that “a decision was made to pull life support.”

Thanks, first Monday in October.

Like so many other celebrities so many of us Gen Xers have lost in the last few years, Petty was an icon, and dare I say it, another voice of our generation.

You had to be heartless not to dig his music, and his soul. Onstage, he was as cool performing as the songs so many of us grew up hearing on the radio.

As for the tragedy at Mandalay Bay, I, like so many of my IBM colleagues, have spent countless hours roaming in and around the hotel and convention center there, and the greater neighborhood.

To think some nutjob went up to the 32nd floor and started opening fire with automatic weapons on an outdoor three-day country music festival — well, on the one hand, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, but on the other, it hits as close to home as to any of these mass shootings as I can think of.

For good or bad, Las Vegas has morphed into the best and worst of what America has to offer. Last night, based on all the accounts I’ve read, that reality was once again revealed in the best and worst humanity had on offer.

The worst in the shooter’s automatic fire, and the best in all the people helping one another as they attempted to escape his line of fire.

I’ll leave you with the wise words of Tom Petty, from “The Waiting”:

Oh don’t let it kill you baby, don’t let it get to you
Don’t let it kill you baby, don’t let it get to you
I’ll be your bleedin’ heart, I’ll be your cryin’ fool
Don’t let this go too far

Tom, thanks for all the great songs and for the epic performances — you will be greatly missed…as will the once seemingly decadent innocence of Las Vegas, Nevada.

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October 2, 2017 at 2:59 pm

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