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Siri, Where’s My AirPods?

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AppleInsider recently reported that Apple’s latest iOS 10.3 beta release addresses the concerns of people already worrying about losing their precious AirPods.

I’d be worried too at $160 a pop (and $69 replacement per earbud).

Some clever third-party developer launched an app earlier this month that uses AirPod’s Bluetooth signal strength to track down the missing buds, and soon thereafter Apple removed that app from the App Store.

Also in the new iOS 10, Apple is working to crack down on those reminders we iOS users get to rate programs in the App Store. The new policy will include a mechanism that limits developers to seeking reviews and ratings up to three times per year.

In the meantime, I have my own short review to share of my new Apple Watch. I wrote two years ago in February 2015 how I had made an appointment to go into my local Apple store and check out the latest device. I liked it, but knew it was first generation, and I’ve been burned enough buying the first time around that I figured I’d wait for the second.

Ironically, I ended up buying a Series 1 anyway, only two years later. Why? Cost, for one, but also because the Series 2 doesn’t bring that many new advantages over the Series 1 other than the full waterproofing and embedded GPS. And, of course, because the software has been updated a couple of generations since then (it’s all about the software, bay-bay).

My impressions thus far?

First, it was extremely easy to set up.

Second, it’s been very easy to learn how to use thus far.

Third, as so many people will tell you, the notifications (and haptic sensor) are probably the “killer app,” making it very easy to glance at your wrist to check for new messages or get that text from your significant other.

But that’s just a first impression…let me get a few more days under my belt and I can probably tell you more.

Just don’t ask me to review your latest app over and over again in the meantime. : )








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January 25, 2017 at 8:49 am

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