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Webcast Tomorrow: IBM Expert Integrated Systems

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Okay, so the first golf major of the year is over, and Bubba Watson has his first major and first green jacket.

Now what?

Well, pour moi, it’s time to get back down to business.

It’s been an eventful week thus far in the tech world, and it’s only Tuesday.

First, of course, there was the Facebook acquisition of Instagram for a cool $1 billion (in cash and stock).  According to reports I read, they could’ve bought what’s left of Kodak 12 times over for that amount.

If you’re not familiar with Instagram, it’s been a (until last week, when an Android version was introduced) free iPhone photo sharing app, one that allows you to apply cool digital filters and then share the pic on a variety of social networking services (including Twitter, and, of course, Facebook).  Instagram’s leading feature that made it so attractive was its insanely fast growth — it’s less than two years old and already has over 30 million registered users (including me!).

Only time will tell as to whether A) Facebook will screw Instagram up and B) whether or not this was a smart deal.

Wired’s Epicenter blog seems to think so, explaining that its acquisition per cost per user was only $28 per user, as opposed to the median of $92 per user across the span of a wide variety of Internet acquisitions since the dot com boom.

And with only 13 employees, the payout per employee hovers close to $80M per user!.  Compare that to the closest runner up, Google’s acquisition of YouTube at $24M.

My take: The air is definitely thinning up here on Mount Internet Olympus, but I’ll not call a bubble foul just yet.

We also heard about the beginnings of Yahoo’s reorg, AOL’s patent sale to Microsoft for $1 billion, AT&T’s divestiture of Yellow Pages for $1 billion (what IS it with that $1 billion figure?  Pretty soon those billions add up to real money!).

Even HP got into the tech-heavy news game, announcing its “Converged Cloud” initiative.

But the big enterprise tech news of the week shall be shared by IBM tomorrow in a major Webcast announcement.

Our own Steve Mills (among others) starts to open the kimono about IBM’s expert integrated systems in the following video:

But you can hear firsthand all the details of this major announcement by IBM by registering for tomorrow’s (Wednesday, April 11th) live webcast, at 2:00 EST, 1:00 Central, and 11:00 Pacific.

Simply visit www.ibm.com/expert to get registered in advance!

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