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Donald Takes Golf’s Transitions

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Almost from day one of 2012, I predicted it was going to be a stellar year for golf.

Don’t ask me how I know these things. They just come to me.

As I watched the lead ebb and flow for the Transitions tournament over the weekend — first with Padraig Harrington, then later, Ernie Els (who needed the win to NOT miss the Masters for the first time since 1994), then finally, in a four-way playoff, world number two Luke Donald…well, the Transitions was just another in a series of nail-biting golf tournaments.

For you non-golf fans reading this, who think golf on TV is about as exciting as watching paint dry, go back to watching “Doomsday Preppers.”

But for the golf fans…well, I could almost do the wave standing right downstairs in my living room.

Yes, I felt horrible for Ernie when he missed that short putt on 18 to keep him in the playoff, but heavens to Betsy, next thing you know we’ve got four stellar golfers in a playoff on 18: Luke Donald, Robert Garrigus, Jim Furyk, and South Korean upstart Sang Moon-Bae, who’s got one of the most beautiful swings I’ve seen in years.

Donald proved he’s the man to beat, and steals his first place world ranking back from Rory McIlroy nary two weeks after Rory took it from him.

Can you say “The Masters Is In Two Weeks?”

Unfortunately, I’m going to be away from civilization that weekend. I’ve got some guns to go shoot with the boys out in West Texas. But if anyone can think of a way for Turbo to keep up with the Masters in a far, remote, desolate West Texas location, I’m all ears. Smoke signals, anyone?

I’ll have it all recording on the DVR, you can be sure of that.

And in the meantime, we have Arnie’s Bay Hill Classic “Arnold Palmer Invitational” this week, where the top four golfers of the world do NOT include Tiger, Vijay, Phil or Ernie. None of them are even in the top 10!

Boy, how the sport of golf changes, and fast.

My hope is to see these four in a playoff down in Florida this weekend!

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March 19, 2012 at 10:30 pm

Impressions From SXSW Interactive 2012: Q&A With Twitter-Challenged Cisco Social Video Guru Tim “Washtub” Washer

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I apologize in advance for the following interview.

A colleague responded to my posting of this video on Facebook and wrote “Wins the award for least content in an interview.”

Noah, you’re really being far too generous.

That said, there’s nothing more fun than interviewing Tim “Washtub” Washer, former IBM social media pioneer and now social video guru with Cisco.

Tim is a comedy writer and actor whose credits range from The Late Show With David LettermanLate Night with Conan O’Brien, Saturday Night Live, and more recently, The Onion.

As you’ll see from our interview, all Tim has to do is show up and breathe and Scott and I would laugh.  Really! The fact that we couldn’t seem to land an actual time to conduct the interview amidst a SXSW chock full of social mediated, geo-located smartphone applications…well, that tells you pretty much everything you need to know.

During his tenure at Big Blue, Washer produced one of the most brilliant corporate social video campaigns ever, “The Art of the Sale,” which was selected as a Comedy Central “Staff Favorite.”  And you know they were reaching for the bottom of the barrel when selecting an IBM video series for such a distinguished honor.

Tim’s work has been covered by Advertising Age, NPR, and The New York Times, and he holds an MBA from the University of Texas.

When we weren’t laughing, Scott and I spoke with Tim about his having left IBM under auspicious circumstances, how he came to be a corporate comedian, and why it was that we couldn’t use Cisco Telepresence technology to conduct such a scintillating interview.

Impressions From SXSW Interactive 2012: Q&A With Mark McKinnon, Political Innovator…and The Most Interesting Man in the World!

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When I realized I had a way to reach out to and speak with Austin’s-own “political innovator” Mark McKinnon, a former Bush media strategist and longtime political maverick, at SXSW Interactive 2012 I seized the opportunity.

Mark has been a familiar part of the American political landscape for several decades, having worked for causes, companies, and candidates ranging from 2008 Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain, late former Texas Governor Ann Richards, Congressman Charlie Wilson, Lance Armstrong, Bono, and many others.

Most recently, McKinnon has served as Global Vice-Chairman of Hill & Knowlton Strategies, an international communications consultancy, and the President of Maverick Media. He is also co-founder of No Labels and serves on the Board of Advisors of Americans Elect, an organization whose stated goal is “to nominate a presidential ticket that answers directly to voters—not the political system.”

We spoke with Mark about a number of topics, not the least of which included his experiences working with Congressman Charlie Wilson, the role of social media in politics, and the opportunity Americans Elect has to alter the U.S. presidential election landscape.

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