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Impressions From SXSW Interactive 2012: Q&A With IBM Social VP Sandy Carter: 5 Social Media Surprises

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Nobody at IBM has been a bigger champion of social media and social business than Sandy Carter, our VP of Social Business Enablement.  Sandy has had a long and storied career at Big Blue, including helping run and transform our Tivoli line of business as its vice president of marketing (where, in the spirit of full disclosure, I once upon a time helped run that line of business’ Web site).

Sandy’s been spending a lot of time on planes lately meeting with customers from around the world and hearing their needs, challenges, and opportunities with respect to social business.  If you’d like to discover what she’s been hearing, check out her informative interview below.

Impressions From SXSW Interactive 2012: Q&A With Stowe Boyd: From Cluetrain Manifesto To Social Business Reality

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Stowe Boyd is one of those people you wish you’d met long before you actually did.  I did meet him, about six years ago, when the Web 2.0 “revolution” was just taking root up at the MESH conference in Toronto (a conference I highly recommend, by the way.  Love my social amigos in the Great White North).

Stowe is one of those rare social media gurus who thinks and does — more recently he’s been trying to find time to do more thinking than doing — and for which we’re all the better off.  In our chat, Scott and I were all over the map with Stowe, starting with the Cluetrain Manifesto and moving our way through the shifting media landscape to the present day and the future of social business..and much, much more.

Check it out, you’ll be glad you did.

And Stowe, you can come back and chat with us anytime…but next time, we’ll try to scramble up a few cocktails.

Impressions From SXSW Interactive 2012: Q&A With Don Tapscott On Our Digital Future, Privacy, & Milennials

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I’ve been following Don Tapscott’s work since I first moved to New York in 1995, reading a number of his early books, including Growing Up Digital.  Without question, he’s been a consistent and articulate voice about how digital technology is changing our world, detailing for us mere mortals its impact on business, education, children, and beyond.

Scott and I had the real privilege of stealing a few minutes of Don Tapscott’s time yesterday here at SXSW Interactive 2012 to talk about some of those themes, and Tapscott’s suggestion that there’s some very real change in the air that’s being enabled by Internet Protocol-based technologies, including the smartphone.

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