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TurboTech: Technological Romance For Dummies

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Scott Laningham and I, having entirely too much time to ourselves over the holidays to ponder all things technology, spent a good 26 minutes one late December day discussing likely future tech trends: Everything from the absurdity of code names for mobile operating systems to our having our own technology reality TV show someday — but one in which nobody could give Scott and I a rose.

That just simply wouldn’t be appropriate.

I also provide a shout out to the IBM Connections event, which starts a week from today in lovely Orlando, Florida.  It’s not too late to register for it, and for Lotusphere. Go here to learn more.

I’ll be arriving in Orlando early Sunday evening and plan on bringing all the blogging coverage my little Turbo hands can handle (And Scott assures me in the video below he’ll do some remote podcasting, since he won’t be there live and in person.  Make sure you provide some comments and try to hold him to it!)

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  1. Per my comment to Scott in the TurboTech episode featured here, ask and ye shall receive. I had mentioned wanting to be able to just say to my TV set “Play Annie Hall” and have Woody Allen’s classic kick off from Netflix (or from wherever), and did so half-jokingly. Then, today, at CES in Vegas (see my separate post on THAT subject), Nuance Communications announces Dragon TV, a voice and natural language processing software aimed at TV, set-top box, video game console, and other like manufacturers. This new software will allegedly allow TV viewers to command their TVs using voice, as opposed to remotes. “TV, turn off all those (*#$%&(& commercials!”


    January 9, 2012 at 8:55 pm

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