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Greetings, World.

I’m back after a week disappearing into the rainforests, rivers, and golf courses of Costa Rica.

And when I mean disappearing, I’m referring mostly to the little white balls that I sent trafficking off into the Costa Rican wilderness with great frequency.

Neither my father nor I even placed in our collegial golf tournament, but a good time was definitely had by all.  You can see below an action shot from one of the greens.

Turbo and dad traverse one of the celebrated golf courses of outer San Jose, Costa Rica

Of course, while I was out galavanting about the links of Costa Rica, my peers Scott Laningham and Tiffany Winman are out in Viva Las Vegas representing on the show floor as the IBM PULSE 2011 event kicked off over the weekend.

Though I’m sad not to be there with them this year, they are already off and running, and you can go here to keep track of all the tidings.

Scott’s interviews are being featured on the IBM Software Livestream channel.

Just yesterday, IBM started making some important announcements coming out of the PULSE event.

First, we introduced software to help bring a new level of intelligence to the world’s physical infrastructure, software that aims to advance smarter cities and industry transformation across water, energy, transportation and healthcare industries by monitoring and analyzing new streams of data.

With this news, IBM is continuing these advancements, delivering new software to give greater intelligence to the business operations of the world’s infrastructure:

  • Analytics software for monitoring telecommunications, transportation, or any network that distributes data such as escalators for metros, ATMs for banks and refrigerators for grocery chains;
  • New software that monitors and manages smart meter networks for energy, water and gas utilities;
  • New software that helps hospitals locate and monitor their clinical and biomedical equipment in real-time to ensure that life-saving medical devices are instantly available and expertly maintained; and
  • Smarter buildings software that helps organizations to optimize their buildings’ energy and equipment efficiency.

As part of this news, IBM also announced a series of client wins and advancements to transform infrastructures around water, energy management, buildings, and more.

You can go here to get all the details and read more about the client wins.

In the meantime, I need some new software to manage the overabundance of email I received while on holiday!

So if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to try and climb out from under the pile.

But please, do keep an eye out on the Tivoli PULSE press room for more news breaking from Vegas!

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March 1, 2011 at 2:21 pm

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