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Watson on Watson: The Second Round

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SPOILER ALERT: DO NOT READ if you haven’t watched the second round of Watson and Jeopardy! and are planning on it!

That said, if you had any question as to whether or not Watson could compete on Jeopardy! with world champions Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter, the second round on today’s episode should put your fears to rest.

Watson came out swinging, again, and (mostly) dominated the match.

Through the first 8 questions, Watson rocketed up the scoreboard before wagering $6,435 on a Daily Double (the sum for which earned Watson a laugh from the studio audience, and to which Alex Trebek remarked, “I won’t ask.”)

The question: “The chapels at Pembroke and Emmanuel Colleges were designed by this architect.”

Watson’s answer: “Sir Christopher Wren.”

No easy question, Watson rocks on.

Then, Watson misses a question, but so do Jennings and Rutter and Watson continues control of the game.

At question 10, another Daily Double for Watson: This time it wagers $1,246 and wins that one as well, even though for Watson the answer, “Baghdad,” was only at a 32% confidence.

Watson went on to win the following four questions before Jennings finally took one.

At the end of the day, Watson was at $36,681, Rutter at $5,400, and Jennings at $2,400.

Watson ruled the day.

What wasn’t included in the gameplay was the series of videos interviewing the IBM researchers and executives the implications and opportunities the Watson technology presents to business and the world.

Final, final Jeopardy! and the closing of the match tomorrow.  It’s not looking good for the mortals, and the future’s quite bright for the silicon!

Written by turbotodd

February 15, 2011 at 11:25 pm

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