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Live @ Lotusphere 2011: Getting Your Bearings

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Happy Sunday, and let me offer up a warm Lotus greeting for everyone who has already arrived in Orlando for Lotusphere 2011, and to you who are still on planes, trains, automobiles, horse and buggy, or whatever else might be bringin’ ya.

Today’s Business Development Day has already kicked off (reserved for IBM Business Partners), as have the JumpStart sessions.

View from the Dolphin, Day 1, Lotusphere 2011, Before Turbo's Debrief

View from the Dolphin, Day 1, Lotusphere 2011, After Turbo's Debrief, When Things Became Much Clearer











If you haven’t already received your credentials, registration is open from 7 am to 9 pm — simply follow the signs in the Dolphin Hotel and you’ll find your way to registration desk.

If you don’t know where the Dolphin is, you’ve got bigger problems than I can help you with but I do wish you luck.

You can probably find some help from others by dipping your toes in the Lotusphere Twitterstream. Just follow #ls11 on your favorite Twitter client, or stop on by our newfangled social media aggregator and keep an eye on a garden variety of Lotusphere-relevant streams.

Your favorite Lotus bloggers and Tweeters are registered there, and let’s face it, they’re the ones who can point us to the best par-tays.

Oh, and if you start to get that deer-in-the-headlights feeling, remember, that’s normal.  Take a deep breath, meditate for a few minutes, then remember, you’re in control and can make your own decisions.

To help, remember, the conference is broken out into five tracks: Insights and Innovations, Technology for Collaboration Solutions: Infrastructure, Technology for Collaboration Solutions: Development, Best Practices, and Customer Case Studies.

There’s also a variety of special sessions, including those from sponsors, the JumpStart sessions, and Show-n-Tell, but that’s enough for now, I can see your head is starting to explode.

That’s why we throw a big Welcome Reception on Sunday night, to help you stop with that sense of overwhelmingness-ness.  At this shindig, however, and unlike “Blazing Saddles,” you’ll need your stinking badge, so please register and bring your badge to the reception. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with Big Dennis, the security dude, and you really don’t want to be messing with Dennis.

If you forget any of this, don’t worry, much of it is in your Full Conference Guide, and the Reader’s Digest version is in the Pocket Agenda (well, not the part about Dennis).  They should be able to help you find your way and answer most of your questions.

Of course, all of that is the party line.

Now, here’s Turbo’s Recommended Lotusphere 2011 Tip and Trick (singular, as there’s only one): When it’s time for a big session change, just go walk out into the middle of the foyer, then watch the crowd.  Wherever the most people are going, follow them.

This is social business, people.  Get with the program.  It’s all about crowdsourcing, distributed participatory design, going along with the crowd to understand the greater collective intent!  Those people know where it’s at and where it’s happening, and they will lead you to the path of Lotusphere enlightenment.

Of course, they might just lead you right out into the Disney beach, but hey, that might not be so bad!

And finally, to answer that question on everybody’s mind, who’s this year’s guest speaker in the opening session?

What do I look like? I don’t know anything, I just work here.

Enjoy your Lotusphere 2011 experience, and remember: Get social, do business!

Written by turbotodd

January 30, 2011 at 2:35 pm

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