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Watson, Come Here, I Need You

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Did you hear the on about the IBM computer that played the game show “Jeopardy” and beat two former world champion human “Jeopardy” players?

If not, you missed the outcome from yesterday’s practice round, where Watson won a practice round $4,400 to Ken Jennings $3,400 and Brad Rutter’s $1,200.

This was just a precursor to the final rounds airing on February 14-16, but after watching some video footage of the action yesterday, it was eerily reminiscent of those chess matches in 1997 that shall go unnamed. Only this time, I think the computer is actually starting to think.  And sdpeak.

Me, I’m not going anywhere near it. I’ve already got enough machines beating up on me in my life: my iPad, my iPhone 4, my new AT&T U-Verse umbilical cord to the world.

But I would lie if I were to say I weren’t anxious to see the final results of the Watson/Jeopardy mano a mano competition. Latest odds from our Watson/Jeopardy poll give Watson the edge at 52%, with Ken Jennings at 40% and Brad Rutter at 7% (NOT a scientific poll, by any means…just a polling pulse of the crowd via our Web site.)

Which, by the way, I would strongly encourage you to visit and spend some time with before the official matches air in February.  My colleagues have been busting their humps to produce some great video content explaining this story in a way we mere mortals can understand, and beyond all the hyperbole, explaining the potential ramifications of this breakthrough in artificial intelligence.

Me, I’m finishing my week off here in a frigid NYC, meeting with colleagues and thinking about gridiron action this weekend.  I’m gonna go out on a limb and pick the following: Pittsburgh over Baltimore, New England over the Jets, Chicago over Seattle, and Green Bay over Atlanta.

That’s not necessarily all of which I want to happen.  I’m just picking what I think might happen.  Then again, I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan – do keep that in mind.

Before I flee the wintry cold of the northeast, let me also remind you of the forthcoming Lotusphere 2011 event in sunny Orlando, Florida.  I’ll be jetting that way in a couple of weeks to blog and podvodcast from there with mi developerWorks amigo, Scott Laningham.

Note that this year we’re also seeing the introduction of the Lotusphere Social Business Summit, where C-level execs and other senior leaders from sales, marketing, operations, and other non-IT related functions can come together and learn how social business practices can help boost their bottom lines.  And if last fall’s IBM Industry Summit in Barcelona was any indication, those attending are going to be in for a real treat.

You can learn more about the Social Business Summit here.

P.S. Tweet @turbotodd and let me know the origination of today’s headline!

Written by turbotodd

January 14, 2011 at 4:37 pm

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