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Dead Birds And Razorbacks

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What is up with all the dead birds falling out of the skies in Arkansas?  And apparently, now, also in Louisiana?

And what about all those dead fish in Arkansas?

The initial reports said something about the birds being freaked out about the fireworks.

Look, I grew up in rural Texas.  I used to shoot really loud guns at and around birds, and unless I was aiming at one, they didn’t just drop out of the sky due to an exceptionally loud noise. Including Black Cat bottle rockets (for those of you who remember those, and probably fondly).

Methinks something else is afoot here.  And it reminds me of when all the bees started dying off a few years back.  Remember that, back in 2006?

In that case, the scientists came up with some really cool, “Fringe”-ish names for the phenomena: “Colony collapse disorder” (CCD) and “honey bee depopulation syndrome” (HBDS).

Turned out, just last year some proteomic-based pathogen screening tools developed finally suggested that invertebrate iridescent virus type 6 (IIV-6) and Nosema ceranaewere were found in all the CCD colonies sampled.

Just in case you were wondering what the likely cause(es) were.

So, don’t hold your breath on the lowdown for all these dead birds.

We may not know anything for years.

I just hope it’s not any kind of foreboding against the great Arkansas Razorbacks, who are taking on THE Ohio State University tonight at the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans.

But just in case, I guess it’s a good thing the Sugar Bowl has a roof.

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January 4, 2011 at 8:10 pm

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