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First Down And Ten Million

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It wasnt exactly the best sports weekend of the year.

Golf season has ground pretty much to a halt

The English Premier League big game of the weekend (Chelsea v. Manchester United) was snowed out.

Thank Heavens for the Philadelphia Eagles.

No matter what you might think about Michael Vick, his performance on the football field this year has been nothing less than stellar, and the comeback victory he and the Eagles served up on the New York Giants yesterday on the Giants’ home turf was downright embarrassing.

How often in the NFL do you see a team come back from a 31-10 defict in the fourth quarter only then to win 38-31?

Not very frickin’ often, and nothin’ like yesterday.

As for DeSean Jackson and his humbling 65-yard punt return for a TD at the end of the game, all I have to say is “wow”…and someday, dude, those end zone antics are going to cost you six more points…but it sure is fun to watch.

On the sports marketing front, I just saw an article (and for the life of me can’t find it again) which indicated that NFL football, particularly on Thursday, Sunday, and Monday evenings, is nearly the last thing big left in appointment television, and that the networks, though not making beaucoup bucks from NFL advertisers, are using it as a massive venue to promote the rest of their TV schedule.

Rock on, NFL.

Just don’t look to find anything to watch soon on GoogleTV, which The New York Times joked earlier had Google making its first programming cancellation.

Next month at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, Google was expected to have a major coming-out party for Google TV on a range of TV sets, but according to the Times piece, Google has asked the TV makers to delay their introductions.

In other words, wait for Google TV, Version 2.0

Me, I’ve learned my early adopter lessons, over and over and over again.  My Apple TV is still collecting dust, although Netflix on the Wii has found a place close to my heart…and my remote.  Maybe because it (mostly) works???

Being the Texas boy that I am, I’ve also been on the hunt for a bird hunting game for my Wii for some time now, and lo and behold, where do you think I finally found one?

At an Academy sporting goods retail store here in Austin in the checkout line.  I was purchasing some AR-15 and .40 caliber ammunition for a weekend trip to South Austin’s Red’s Indoor Gun Range in Oak Hill to shoot the real thing, and there it was, product placement galore, staring at me from the check-out line bin.

I loves me some marketing that works!

The price for the bird shooting game and the Wii plastic imitation shot gun was $25.00 (after the nice checkout guy gave me a $5.00 coupon break), which, for the record, cost about the same as two boxes of .243 ammuntion.

Put another way, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper to shoot at your TV screen (virtually speaking) than it is an AR-15…and almost as much  fun.

The game’s branded by Remington, no less, the great American firearms manufacturer (although “Mastiff Games” seems to have done the actual development).

The game title?  “Great American Bird Hunt,” of course.

You can see it in action here.

Finally, speaking of good shots and the NFL, Dallas Cowboys’ interim coach (and long ago former QB) has now gone 4-2 since taking over for Wade Phillips and is a possible candidate to take over the ‘Boys on an ongoing basis.

I’d like to think it’s true, but that means Jerry Jones would have to have made a good decision.

Written by turbotodd

December 20, 2010 at 9:38 pm

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