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IBM Industry Summit, Day 3: Getting Vertical

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Starting yesterday afternoon, and continuing on in to today, the IBM Industry Summit kicked into an entirely new, and more industry-specific, gear.

Living up to its moniker, here in Barcelona leaders from around the globe, and from across a wide range of industries, have begun breaking out into individual leadership roundtables to share anecdotes, stories, experiences, pain points, and best practices with one another.

I’ve been able to attend a couple of those sessions, and others no IBMers, or other outsiders, were allowed, as we wanted our customers to have the benefit of being in the same room with their colleagues and to be able to share those experiences with no outside intervention or intermediation.

In future posts, I will share some of what I’ve heard in those discussions, as well as recapping some of the other keynotes we’ve heard, including this morning’s from John Kao, “Mr. Innovation.”

Though the IBM Industry Summit is coming to a close, it seems it’s having its intended effect, in terms of instigating a comprehensive conversation about the IBM smarter planet agenda, but importantly, increasingly in the context of specific industries.

Keep a continued eye out on the Turbo blog for future posts from the Summit. Even though the event ends today, the content will continue rolling for a bit, as today I’m focused on gathering even more information, but which will take some time to process!

Thanks to those of you who have been listening and sharing these posts via your Retweets, and I hope you’ve found the recaps of some of the sessions as fascinating as I have found listening and writing about them.

We are truly in the midst of a fascinating change in our world, and the leaders here in attendance who will start to depart Barcelona later today will no doubt be integral players in helping shape that change.

More soon.

Written by turbotodd

November 11, 2010 at 10:26 am

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