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Intelligence Unleashed: One Week To IOD

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Speaking of connecting the dots and intelligence, I’m heading out this weekend to my fourth trip to blog and podcast from the IBM Information on Demand event.

Once again this year, the event will be held at the lovely Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada, and latest word is we’re expecting over 9,000 people in attendance.

That’s a whole lot of Flying Elvi, and also a whole bunch of dots to connect.

Which is why this year’s theme is so key: Gain Insight, Optimize Results.

And which is also why we’re excited the Cognos Business Analytics forum will be held concurrent with IOD, and why everybody is excited about the pending, long-awaited announcement of Cognos 10.

I was briefed on the new Cognos portfolio last week from some folks in the Cognos know, and I would tell you what they told me, but then they’ll have me thrown off the top of the longtime Cognos HQ in Ottawa, and that’s a long drop, plus it’s cold, and I’m from Texas, so I’m keeping my mouth shut.

For now.

However, I am going to suggest you tune in to the IBM Business Analytics keynote by our business analytics general manager, Rob Ashe, on the morning of October 25.

You can find more details on that and Cognos 10 here.  That morning, you’ll get all the details on Cognos 10 and more.  Mark your calendars now!

As mentioned, I’ll be blogging the main sessions per usual, and developerWorks’ Scott Laningham and I are also going to be doing some live programming from the show floor this year.

We’ll be talking to a number of the featured subject matter experts speaking at IOD, and also generally just making a nuisance of ourselves.

Be sure to tune into the live stream so as not to miss us smacking any egg on our faces!  There’s nothing like the live Interwebs!

We’ll also have a number of subject matter expert colleagues of ours blogging again from the event, including the Energizer Bunny data expert Adam Gartenberg and digital Cognos know-it-all guru Delaney Turner.

Between they, Scott, and Jennifer Sussin, who helps us all maintain our social media scheduling sanity, we should have close to gavel-t0-gavel coverage.

All that, of course, does NOT include all the Tweeting, videocasting and blogging being done by our business partners, customers, analysts, and the major media.

Know that we look forward to it all, and to help you more carefully monitor the IOD 2010 firehouse (Twitter Hashtag: iodgc and baforum), we’ve pulled together the IOD 2010 Social Media Aggregator.

It’s a lot of information to keep it up with, I know, but that’s why Cognos is going to play such a key role on the information agenda moving forward: To help customers around the globe separate the wheat from the chaff, gain new business insights, and share those insights in their organization with the people who matter most.

We look forward to seeing you in Vegas or for hearing from you across cyberspace — I’ll be the one wearing the gold chains.

Written by turbotodd

October 18, 2010 at 6:53 pm

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