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The Phoenix Has Landed

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What a great day.

I heard the news last night that rescuers were close to pulling the first of the Chilean miners out of the mine using the “Phoenix” capsule, but went to bed before the first miner had been lifted out of that deep hole.

As of this morning, 12 of the 33 trapped miners have been rescued, and they’re reporting they’ll now be able to pull out a single man every 50 minutes (it was originally taking an hour).

If I were one of those miners or their family, I think those ten minutes might add up quickly and I’d be happy for every shortcut I could get.

Due credit to Chilean president Sebastian Pinera, who was a believer long before they had even confirmed whether or not the men had survived the mine collapse, and to all the parties involved in the rescue: Our own folks from NASA, the psychologists on the surface caring for the men during their traumatically long stay, the American experts drilling the holes, and of course, all the families who stood vigil waiting for their loved ones.

Two months they were down there, people.  70 days, to be precise.  Think about that the next time somebody cuts you off on the freeway or takes the last loaf of bread at the grocery store.

Speaking of the last loaf of bread, I can’t refrain from also commenting on my Texas Rangers who, for the first time in franchise history, won an American League division playoff last evening against the Tampa Bay Rays and are headed to meet the New York Yankees in the American League Championship Series starting this Friday.

That’s fifty years of Texas baseball with nary a division breakout and trip to the ALCS.


Cliff Lee’s pitching performance was a big contributor to the road to the show: He won Texas game one, and then threw a six-hitter last night: 90 strikes in 120 pitches.  And, of course, Texas had some sharpshooter base running for the early scoring.

So now, of course, I have a personal moral dilemma.

Any other year I’d be rooting for the Yankees in the post-season playoffs, but with Texas’ chance to finally head to a World Series, I have to root for the Rangers (just as I did for the Astros several years ago when they finally made their first showing in the world championship).

The way I see it, I can’t lose: One of my two favorite baseball teams is going to the World Series this year.

And the entire world wins as the Chilean miners continue to make the trip out of that long, dark hole in the Phoenix.

“The Chilean moon landing,” Kerry Sanders called it on MSNBC reporting live from the scene.

Amen, brother.  The Phoenix has landed.

Written by turbotodd

October 13, 2010 at 2:16 pm

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