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The Old Business Workload Switcharoo

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G’day from early Wednesday in Sydney.

And I do mean early.

Oy vey, the jet lag bunyips won’t seem to stay away.

But that’s okay, because awaking at 3:30 A.M. gives me an opportunity to do some blogging catchup.

For example, just yesterday (or was it today here in Sydney?)…uh, whatever…

Officially on April 28th, 2010, IBM made an important and timely announcement: That more than 200 customers moved critical business workloads to IBM servers and storage systems from Oracle/Sun, HP, and other competitors in the first quarter of this year.

Since IBM established its Migration Factory program four years ago to help clients move to IBM systems, nearly 2,700 customers have switched to IBM servers and storage.

The majority of these migrations involve customers moving from Oracle/Sun and HP to IBM, including 117 from Oracle/Sun and 95 from HP so far this year.

Customers continue to turn to IBM for long-term investments in workload-optimized systems and stable, innovative product roadmaps, producing systems that reduce data center costs and are designed for emerging workloads such as analytics.

The number of migrations to IBM Power Systems in 2009, in a down market, was a record for the IBM Migration Factory with 574 migrations (an average of 143 per quarter), mostly driven by increases in Sun to Power migrations.

A total of 107 customers selected IBM Power Systems over Oracle/Sun systems, and 41 chose IBM over HP in the first quarter.

Clients also switched to IBM’s System x, System z and storage offerings. In the first quarter. System x had 21 migration wins, System z 16 and storage 27, all against either HP or Oracle/Sun.

IBM has built a world-class migration capability to help customers move from their current non-IBM gear to IBM Systems – the IBM Migration Factory, a program that includes competitive server assessments, migration services, and other useful resources.

You can also view videos from several of our migration experts to hear them explain how you could be migrating your workload on to IBM systems.

As to me, I’ve got to prepare to migrate myself across the Sydney Harbour Bridge for my second day of meetings here in Australia!

Written by turbotodd

April 28, 2010 at 7:37 pm

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