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Blue Kangaroo

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I’m getting ready for a very long plane ride.

I’m heading over to Singpapore and Australia with some colleagues to meet up with some other colleagues manana.

We’ll be talking all things digital, and I’ll be traveling with my newfound lightweight laptop ThinkPad X200s.

The X200s is my new work-issued computer. Although it feels a little primitive returning to a machine with WindowsXP after using machines with Ubuntu Linux and Mac OS X, I have to say the whole weight tradeoff is worth the exchange.

The X200s is more than a netbook, but less than a full laptop.  Having less weight also meant less processor performance — it’s not the fastest computer I’ve ever had by a long stretch.  But, I added 1 extra GB of RAM and it does the job just fine.

Now if I only had an airplane adapter for the 20+ hour ride to Singapore!

That’s okay, it’ll give me plenty of time to try and digest the wealth of news coming out of Facebook’s f8 developer conference this week.

Question: Does Mark Zuckerberg want to take over the Interwebs as we know it?

Answer: Uh, duh.

The ever reliable Scobleizer goes long on explaining what the FB is up to in its quest for global digital domination.

Uh, and you thought you didn’t understand those privacy controls on Facebook before?

Good frickin’ luck figuring them out as they expand their tentacles onto the Facebook API info superhighway.

Me, I’m just hoping to see a kangaroo.

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April 22, 2010 at 2:52 pm

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