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Live @ Pulse 2010: Key Announcements

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I attended a press conference earlier today hosted by IBM Tivoli software general manager, Al Zollar.

There, Zollar detailed some of the key announcements from the conference, and he was later joined by IBM customer City of Chesapeake to discuss their smarter city initiative.

This is how Zollar positioned these key announcements in the press release from yesterday:

“As the world becomes more instrumented, the growth of digital and physical data creates vast opportunities for organizations that integrate and interconnect these once disparate areas and assert control and accountability over all pieces of the business, whether in the data center or an oil field,” Zollar explained.  “IBM helps clients build and manage the infrastructures that are behind the world’s most intelligent buildings, cities, utilities, offices, transportation systems and operations in every industry.”

Zollar started the press conference by explaining that a lot of the talk at the event was about operationalizing the infrastructure to build a smarter planet, and that the central launch idea of the conference was integrated service management.

That is, to take a single architecture and set of components and manage services (and risk!) across the data center, across the lifecycle, and in the context of individual industries.

Zollar reminded the audience of journalists and analysts of last week’s acquisition of Intelliden, which will help companies support their network layer and configurations around the globe.

Zollar also highlighted the fact that since 2005, IBM has invested some $5B U.S. to deliver a robust ISM suite, and that “we believe these investments are paying off.”

He highlighted the fact that IBM Tivoli’s asset management software line, Maximo, had grown 40% in 4Q09 alone (and this in a fairly flat cap X spending environment).

Zollar also took joy in pointing out that IBM had displaced some 220 HP customers and helped them migrate to the Tivoli ISM stack.  Welcome!

Integrated Service Management for Industry Solutions

IBM made a number of key service, partner, and product announcements here at IBM Pulse 2010.  Those are detailed as follows:

  • New IBM Global Business Services is extending its capabilities around integrated service management for new industry-specific solutions Advanced Water Management and IBM Maximo Real-Time Asset Locator for Aerospace, Energy & Utilities, Healthcare and Manufacturing.
  • IBM recently announced two new Solution Experience Labs simulating Smart Meter security risk in Austin, Texas, and La Gaude, France to help clients manage security risk with deploying Smart Meters.
  • Property Portfolio Management – New IBM Global Business Services and IBM Maximo asset management software solution that extends Maximo to manage an entire portfolio of buildings into a consolidated location.
  • Johnson Controls and Ricoh are announcing they are working with IBM to deliver intelligent building, facility and office solutions to reduce the carbon footprint.
  • The Tennessee Valley Authority and Galveston National Labs are announcing they are working with IBM to create smarter buildings at world-class facilities that require the utmost precision and maintenance.
  • Last week, IBM announced the acquisition of Intelliden, a leading provider of intelligent network automation software, to further build out its integrated service management portfolio and provide clients with better control of their network environments.

Integrated Service Management for Service Design and Delivery

  • New IBM CloudBurst QuickStart Services are pre-integrated hardware, software, and services fit-for-purpose cloud workload compute platform that can be quickly and easily implemented into the client’s environment.  IBM will provide installation, configuration, and education required to implement the IBM CloudBurst QuickStart Services solution.
  • IBM now has more than 1,800 ‘ready to deploy’ solutions available in the IBM Tivoli Open Process Automation Library (OPAL). These solutions are integrations of leading business partner products with IBM software solutions that solve industry-specific and customer needs.

Integrated Service Management for the Data Center

  • New IBM Information Archive enables policy-driven management of information across its lifecycle.
  • IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager for Images enables clients to discover, capture, store, deploy and standardize all physical and virtual images in a single repository managed from a single interface.
  • IBM Tivoli Security Incident and Event Manager improves security by automating collection of distributed log information and tracking of abnormal behavior by privileged users – all from a common integrated dashboard, enabling better threat management and compliance reporting.
  • New storage management offerings IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, IBM Tivoli Fastback andIBM Tivoli Fastback for Workstations ensure duplicate files are backed up only once and recovery can now be managed from a single console.
  • IBM Power7 with IBM Systems Director and VMControl provide an integrated system of hardware, software and services including Integrated Service Management capabilities developed through a relationship between IBM Tivoli Software and IBM Systems Technology Group to enable a fully virtualized infrastructure providing rapid deployment at lower cost.

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  1. You should take a look at what Microsoft Hohm launched today (energy consumption by zip code) could be a great way to start trakcing “smart city” and their progress for going green


    February 24, 2010 at 1:08 am

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    April 4, 2010 at 12:49 am

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