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At the Moevenpick

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It’s morning in Stuttgart.

As I just Tweeted, nothing beats a long, jetlagged, sleep-deprived night of slumber and a proper German breakfast.

It was snowing when I arrived in Stuttgart yesterday afternoon.  But that was nothing new: As I flew north from Austin, starting about Dallas and all the way to Chicago, the entire mid-west was a white cotton patch of snow.

I was last in Stuttgart the week that the financial crisis began in September 2008, so it’s nice to be here when circumstances aren’t quite so dire.  I still remember discovering Lehman was likely going south, along with the rest of the market, and anxiously moving money around in my 401K from equities to bonds.  I wish I had moved more!

Quick and easy Stuttgart travel tip: Stay in one of the two Moevenpick hotels, which you can walk to from the airport.

I was about to hail a taxi yesterday afternoon, when I asked the taxi driver how far it was to the Moevenpick — he pointed across the street.

Ah, that far.  I think I’ll walk!

On the technology front, the major news I saw emerge over the weekend were in the mobile space: Adobe is expecting to announce at today’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Adobe AIR for mobile devices, and will move the Flash runtime to mobile browsers with its 10.1 player update.

This will allow mobile developers to develop consistently across both the desktop and most mobile browsers — except, are you holding your breath? — that’s right, the iPhone.

TechCrunch blogs that this will be great for mobile video, and advertising, as the 10.1 player will provide custom skin and advertising opportunities, as well as consistent metrics capabilities (remembering also that Adobe last year bought Web metrics firm, Omniture).

I say it’s just that much more jet fuel on the mobile marketing fire, and once again we could start to see a major schism in the market: Adobe v. Apple.

Though competition in development tools is goodness, the platform schism isn’t, at least not in the North American market. The wireless telcos have already played the bad guy walled gardens — we don’t need another Java v. NET in the enterprise mobile market to create more variances when the industry is trying to build a broader market (and, dare I say it aloud, a new platform for marketing).

However, I’m not sure Apple can win this one.

Even with all the iPhones that have been sold, some 50M+, that’s an absurdly small number compared with all the other mobile handsets sold around the world.  If Flash even gets a good 50-60% share on those devices, game over.

As for me, I’ve got to grab my own mobile device, the original BlackBerry Bold, and run to the IBM offices in Stuttgart.


Written by turbotodd

February 15, 2010 at 8:35 am

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