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Who Dat?

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I’m back in Austin and no worse for the wear.

I really enjoyed my first Lotusphere, and hopefully you readers out there got some value out of the coverage Scott Laningham and I provided.

From the moment William Shatner hit the stage to finally answer the big surprise as to who the surprise emcee was, to the moment I climbed on the plane to head back home, I was in full sponge mode soaking up all the news about the powerful collaboration story emerging from our Lotus brand.

I say emerging not to denigrate the storylines from the past, but as I mentioned in one of the podcasts, one of the business partners I had breakfast with mentioned that this was the first Lotusphere he’d been to (and he’d been to ten) where it wasn’t all about the next version of Lotus Notes.

That there was a more powerful story emerging around user-focused collaboration using the paradigms people have become most comfortable with (the browser), while bringing to bear all the great social and collaboration software that Lotus has already done so much work around.

Keep an eye out for more on Project Vulcan. And don’t be surprised if you see some after action podcasts where we interview some Lotus execs who were a little too busy to chat with us during Lotusphere.

Now let’s talk about some football (in this case, the American kind).  Yesterday was an amazing day (and night) for it, wasn’t it?

I have to say, I was rooting for both the Vikings and the Saints – the Vikings because I have to root for any 40-year old quarterback, and the Saints just because I love the city of New Orleans, it’s people, it’s historical impact on American culture, and most important, it’s spirit.

And what a game.  That’s the kind of NFC Championship playoff game fans dream about…and there it unfolded, right before our very eyes.  As for Favre’s last interception, yeah, there’s plenty of second guessing that could be done, but dudes, he played his heart out and still turned in one heckuva performance.

It just wasn’t to be, and it was time for the Saints to go marching into Miami as the NFC Champs so they could play in their first ever SuperBowl.

With all due apologies to anyone in Indiana (or Colts’ fans), I’m all about the New Orleans Saints in the coming SuperBowl 44!

Who dat, indeed!

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January 25, 2010 at 9:51 pm

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