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Live @ Lotusphere 2010: A Look at the Collaboration Market

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The market for collaboration software is big.

As in, really big.

As in $14B big.

But it’s not just one market, it’s a lot of different markets with different sub-segments and user bases and geo breakouts (that’s marketing speak…pretty fancy, huh?).

On Wednesday, Scott and I had an opportunity to sit down with my esteemed colleague, Carol Galvin, principle segment analyst with IBM Market Insights who specializes in the Lotus realm.

Our discussion was far-reaching, including an overview of the collaboration market, the Lotus Knows marketing campaign, the cloud v. on-premise opportunity, and even the changing demographics and impact of the “consumerization” of IT on enterprise collaboration spend and user expectations.

I hope you’ll find it as fascinating a discussion as we did!

Listen to Live @ Lotusphere 2010: A Look At the Collaboration Market (MP3, 16:14)

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January 21, 2010 at 3:45 pm

Live @ Lotusphere Day 2.5 Podcast Recap: Speedgeekers Unite!

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Scott and I did a Tuesday/Wednesday Lotusphere 2010 recap yesterday morning, chatting about SpeedGeeking, the Blogger Briefing, our visit to the IBM Innovation Labs demos (which were incroyable), Wednesday’s key announcements, and the overall tenor of the event.

Click on the following to download the podcast: Live @ Lotusphere 2010: Day 2.5 Podcast Debrief: Speedgeekers Unite! (MP3, 11:25)

Written by turbotodd

January 21, 2010 at 2:49 pm

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