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Lotusphere 2010: What Up on the Weekend?

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I’m not a talk show host, nor do I play one on TV.

But I do like to sit with my cute little Flip Video camera in my living room and pretend that I’ll be taking over for Conan.

Today, I pretended to be Conan preparing to fly down to Orlando to emcee this year’s Lotusphere 2010 grand opening session come Monday morning.

You can catch the completely unedited, totally-on-the-fly, cinema verite-ish cut of said video directly below, where I slowly metamorphasize into an overly friendly Lotus talking head and traffic guard explaining which way is up at the Swan and the Dolphin.

I’m still completely in the dark about who the emcee for Monday’s grand opening session is…that’s because I’m a complete nobody, and nobody tells me anything, which is also why you probably ought not even be listening to what I say right now, because I really don’t know anything.  Really!

In any case, my money’s on Denis Leary as emcee.

No?  Not likely?  Been there, done that, got the t-shirt?

Okay.  Well, I also doubt it’s Conan, but who knows?

Who knows?  Ah, I get it!!!

C’mon, only Lotus Knows!

Which means I guess we’ll just have to share a moment and all find out together early Monday morning who the emcee is.

In the meantime, safe travels!

Written by turbotodd

January 15, 2010 at 9:18 pm

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