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One more day to the big game (Texas and Alabama in the BCS Championship game.)

One day after the Google Nexus One circus.

I watched some of the announcement on UStream (thanks to, I believe, Robert Scoble).

First, those Google presenters needed to get some media training.  They had a good story to tell, but they didn’t tell it so well — at least not yesterday.

But once you got past the fumbling around, it was an interesting story, and as I said in a previous post, this is anything but about the phone (the “superphone”, they’re calling it…hyperbole or an actual new category), and all about the hopeful blossoming of carrying search advertising into the mobile realm.

“It can leap large cell towers in a single bound!  It can help you find late night sushi complete with longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates displayed through augmented reality!  It can prevent you from making late night drunken phone calls to your ex-girlfriend!”

Just don’t let it near any kryptoplutonium or your Sim card will instantly melt down and you’ll really be up the creek without a cell signal (especially if you bought the unlocked version!)

Hey, maybe it can even present itself at the next press conference!

I kid, I kid.  I love the Goog.  My entire life revolves around the Goog.  I am a walking Goog borg.

And to their credit, Google’s Web site for the Nexus One was rockin’, complete with easy-to-use demos and easy-to-find sign up info.

But I won’t be buying a Google Nexus One for $529, unlocked.

(Day-amn!  Did they say $529?!  No they did…n’t!  Oh yes they did!!)

Whoa, Nelly.  Does it also do Windows?

Okay, $179 at the local friendly T-Mobile, that’s a little more reasonable.

However, I bought the first generation Palm Treo which was with T-Mobile, and I swore never again their service was so horrific and the device so pathetic.  I’m still patting my wallet over that incident.

That leaves the unlocked option for the Nexus, which means for me currently the AT&T, which means my Sim card won’t work with 3G and I’m stuck on the Edge.

Uh-huh…Looks as though Turbo ain’t becomin’ no GPhone man anytime soon.

Anyhoo, the thing doesn’t work with my corporate email, and my Blackberry Bold does, and that’s my primary raison d’etre of my mobile being — staying in touch with the office when out of Turboville and out on the open road (or air corridor).

However, I look forward to hearing stories and reading about how the Nexus One works out for folks.

More importantly, I look forward to seeing how it works out as a strategic wedge for cracking open the walled gardens of the U.S. telecommunications industry and finally beating down a path to the gargantuan mobile marketing opportunity.

In that regard, I’ll be cheering the Goog all the way to the phat mini mobile ad-serving bank.

And, uh, well, lost in all the noise yesterday was Apple’s announced acquisition of Quattro Wireless, a mobile advertising company, for $275M buckaroonis.

You think that was some kind of cosmic, harmonically convergent happy accident?

Take that, former Apple board member Eric Schmidt!

Well, my friend, if you do believe that was an accident, I’d very much like to take a stroll with you through some absolutely beautiful swampland through south Florida that I think you’re going to find fits you perfectly for your twilight years and your twelve year old Nokia cell phone with the huge battery pack.

Written by turbotodd

January 6, 2010 at 2:19 pm

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  1. At least Al Gore is right with regards to climatic change, right? Or is he? He says it was human-caused, not just the planet’s regular cycle over thousands of years. You think?

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