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The Apple iTablet Podcast

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Scott Laningham and I got together via Skype this afternoon to debrief on the Apple iPad tablet announcement.

As I joked in the podcast, the iPad looks like an iPhone for for the Jolly Green Giant, but don’t mistake the seeming limitations of the razor for the giant opportunity to sell more digital razor blades.

Scott and Turbo Apple iPad Debrief Podcast (12:34, MP3)

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January 28, 2010 at 1:26 am

Super Wednesday

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Wow, tomorrow is gonna be some Wednesday.

First, the World Economic Forum kicks off in Davos, Switzerland. Once again this year, my tickets seem to have gotten lost in the mail.

Second, President Obama is slated to make his first State of the Union speech before Congress and the American people.

But we all know what the really big story is for this particular Wednesday: Steve Jobs’ introduction of the new Apple Tablet computer tablet thingamajiggy that I don’t think Apple has ever even confirmed existed, much less what its feature/functions are.

Once again, the brilliance of the no talky Apple marketing machine speaks volumes without ever even so much as a head nod.

Me, I don’t need another Apple device.  But, I’ll likely end up buying one, anyway.



Almost most assuredly.

Can I go ahead and pre-order one now?

(Full disclosure: I bought some Apple stock recently.  I’m banking on this tablet sucker taking their stock sky high, and with the profits I hope to make off the sale of the stock, I’m going to turn around and buy an Apple tablet.)

That means all the rest of you have to go out and buy one first so that you send their stock into the stratosphere so that I can make enough to buy one for myself.

Now, I don’t own many shares, so that means you all really need to go out and buy two tablets just to give me a safe margin.

Sound like a plan?

Of course, with Apple’s quarterly earnings announced yesterday against a record sale of Macs in a single quarter, we’re well on our way.

I just pray the new tablet isn’t the second coming of the Newton.

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January 26, 2010 at 2:01 pm

Who Dat?

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I’m back in Austin and no worse for the wear.

I really enjoyed my first Lotusphere, and hopefully you readers out there got some value out of the coverage Scott Laningham and I provided.

From the moment William Shatner hit the stage to finally answer the big surprise as to who the surprise emcee was, to the moment I climbed on the plane to head back home, I was in full sponge mode soaking up all the news about the powerful collaboration story emerging from our Lotus brand.

I say emerging not to denigrate the storylines from the past, but as I mentioned in one of the podcasts, one of the business partners I had breakfast with mentioned that this was the first Lotusphere he’d been to (and he’d been to ten) where it wasn’t all about the next version of Lotus Notes.

That there was a more powerful story emerging around user-focused collaboration using the paradigms people have become most comfortable with (the browser), while bringing to bear all the great social and collaboration software that Lotus has already done so much work around.

Keep an eye out for more on Project Vulcan. And don’t be surprised if you see some after action podcasts where we interview some Lotus execs who were a little too busy to chat with us during Lotusphere.

Now let’s talk about some football (in this case, the American kind).  Yesterday was an amazing day (and night) for it, wasn’t it?

I have to say, I was rooting for both the Vikings and the Saints – the Vikings because I have to root for any 40-year old quarterback, and the Saints just because I love the city of New Orleans, it’s people, it’s historical impact on American culture, and most important, it’s spirit.

And what a game.  That’s the kind of NFC Championship playoff game fans dream about…and there it unfolded, right before our very eyes.  As for Favre’s last interception, yeah, there’s plenty of second guessing that could be done, but dudes, he played his heart out and still turned in one heckuva performance.

It just wasn’t to be, and it was time for the Saints to go marching into Miami as the NFC Champs so they could play in their first ever SuperBowl.

With all due apologies to anyone in Indiana (or Colts’ fans), I’m all about the New Orleans Saints in the coming SuperBowl 44!

Who dat, indeed!

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January 25, 2010 at 9:51 pm

Live @ Lotusphere 2010: A Look at the Collaboration Market

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The market for collaboration software is big.

As in, really big.

As in $14B big.

But it’s not just one market, it’s a lot of different markets with different sub-segments and user bases and geo breakouts (that’s marketing speak…pretty fancy, huh?).

On Wednesday, Scott and I had an opportunity to sit down with my esteemed colleague, Carol Galvin, principle segment analyst with IBM Market Insights who specializes in the Lotus realm.

Our discussion was far-reaching, including an overview of the collaboration market, the Lotus Knows marketing campaign, the cloud v. on-premise opportunity, and even the changing demographics and impact of the “consumerization” of IT on enterprise collaboration spend and user expectations.

I hope you’ll find it as fascinating a discussion as we did!

Listen to Live @ Lotusphere 2010: A Look At the Collaboration Market (MP3, 16:14)

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January 21, 2010 at 3:45 pm

Live @ Lotusphere Day 2.5 Podcast Recap: Speedgeekers Unite!

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Scott and I did a Tuesday/Wednesday Lotusphere 2010 recap yesterday morning, chatting about SpeedGeeking, the Blogger Briefing, our visit to the IBM Innovation Labs demos (which were incroyable), Wednesday’s key announcements, and the overall tenor of the event.

Click on the following to download the podcast: Live @ Lotusphere 2010: Day 2.5 Podcast Debrief: Speedgeekers Unite! (MP3, 11:25)

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January 21, 2010 at 2:49 pm

Live @ Lotusphere 2010: New Insights

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Scott Laningham and I were able to experience two very cool things over and just after lunch.

First, we sat down for a collaboration market overview with Carol Galvin, who is currently the principle segment analyst for IBM Market Insights, focusing on IBM Software and Lotus in particular. It was a far-reaching discussion which included great insights on the collaboration software market (including a segment breakdown and geo view), as well as some insights on the “consumeratization of IT.”

Keep your eyes peeled here in the Turbo blog and on Scott’s blog for that podcast soon.

Then, we had an opportunity to visit with the IBM Innovations Lab, where I saw several mind-blowing advancements in social data visualization, and some of the LotusLive Labs breakthroughs we heard about earlier in the week.

I wish I could just beam everyone here and do a walkthru (Can somebody bring back William Shatner!?), but Scott did some interviews there which we hope to have up later which will give you direct access to some of the insights we found there.

In terms of highlights, I saw the Shared Presentation experience, which would allow for real-time crowdsourcing of presentation building (No, give ME the mouse!), as well as an email/task in-box triage tool that’s about one of the coolest things I’ve seen in Orlando.

It’s predicated on David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” principles and allows you to quickly “triage” your in-box.  I’m praying Lotus will integrate that into the next version of Notes and Notes Traveler!

Things are slowly winding down here, but it looks as though there’s still plenty of traffic and plenty of folks to network with and learn from.

We’ll be here until the (almost) bitter end!

Click here if you’d like to see a rundown on the latest “Lotus” relevant news coming out of Lotusphere 2010.

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January 20, 2010 at 8:57 pm

Live from Lotusphere: Rawn Shah Interview On Social Networking for Business

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Scott Laningham and I tracked down noted IBM social software guru, Rawn Shah, yesterday afternoon here at Lotusphere 2010 in Orlando, Florida to talk about social software and collaboration, including inhibitors to adoption by businesses.

Rawn leads the IBM Center of Excellence investigating best practices and understanding behavior in social software systems on behalf of the IBM Social Software Programs & Enablement team, and used to lead a distributed team at IBM developerWorks that was focused on community initiatives.

His new book, Social Networking for Business, will be published next week by Wharton School Publishing.

Podcast Q&A: Live from Lotusphere 2010: Interview with Rawn Shah (17:21)

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