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What Brownie Did For Me

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UPS called me this morning.

It was nobody in particular from UPS.  Actually, it was a callbot.  Let’s call her “Brownie.”

Miss UPS Brownie the Callbot called to let me know I was having a package delivered today, and that somebody needed to be home to sign for the package.

The good news is, I was expecting the package.  What I wasn’t expecting was a call from Brownie to let me know in advance.  Very cool.

What else can Brownie do for me?

Well, I’ll let slide the fact that the window in which they might deliver was 11 hours (Does UPS really believe we all just sit at home waiting for them to show up in an 11 hour window to sign for a package?).

Good thing I work from home.

But hey, what if I decided I needed to go out to lunch (being a bachelor, you’d not be surprised at all how bare my cupboards may sometimes be)?

Where’s the part about where I can call Brownie and say, “Yo, Brownie, I need to run out and have myself a Big Mac Attack.  Could you take a long lunch break yourself, or at least don’t plan on comin’ by 1501 B S Road until after 2, por favor?”

But seriously, Brownie, thanks for the call.  I’m happy to know my package is expected to make it here sometime today, and I only wish more businesses had the kind of supply chain and communications integration that you and FedEx have, even if you do deliver whenever the —- you want.

Speaking of supply chains, it’s almost time for the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa final draw.

The draw will take place this Friday in Cape Town, and the initial seedings were based on the October 2009 FIFA/Coca-Cola World Rankings.

Eight initial teams were seeded, including host South Africa, along with Brazil, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Argentina, and England.

You can go here to see how the other pots line up for Friday’s drawing (but for you U.S. fans, we sit in Pot 2 that includes teams from Asia, North and Central America, the Caribbean, and Oceania.

Fifa.com has lots of great information for you futbol fans leading into the 2010 World Cup.

What it doesn’t have is a way for Mac users to watch video.  I stopped by this morning to see if I could catch some Maradona in 1986 in Mexico City (seeing as he won’t be welcome in Cape Town).  Well, much to my surprise, the videos didn’t work for Macs.

Yo.  Last I heard, Mac had around 9% share of the PC market worldwide…Helllooooo, Fifa. I got one word for you:


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