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TGIF.  Again.

So I missed the whole boy in the balloon over Denver episode yesterday afternoon…I was too glued to CNBC keeping an eye out for IBM earnings.

But trust me, I was able to catch up real fast this A.M.  This story even made the BBC.

Turns out that Falcon Heene, the wee lad who was thought to be floating thousands of feet over Colorado, was instead hiding out in his family’s attic.

And hence the nomenclature “Balloon Boy” floats into our public lexicon.

As to whether you believe it was all a hoax or not…well, that’s something you still get to decide for yourself.

Though apparently, this morning Mr. Falcon did take ill while doing the requisite round of morning TV news shows.  Perhaps he didn’t like answering all those questions with bright lights beaming in his eyes?

Speaking of public interrogations, I’m going to be doing an interview later this morning (10/16/09) at 11 AM CST / Noon EST on “The Stark Marketer,” a live Internet radio show, where I’ll be discussing blogging.

Seeing as it’s live, anything could happen, so stop by and watch me dangling from the high wire…although I’m fresh out of weather balloons, so if I need to make a fast getaway, The Weather.Com will have to do as my proxy balloon.

As to L.A. Dodger fans, and to Adam in particular, I can only say hey, that’s why they play the best of seven!

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October 16, 2009 at 1:00 pm

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