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Dell and Perot, Cole and Drogba

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Monday mornings are never dull.

I awakened this am, still stinging from the defeat of my Dallas Cowboys in their new $1B+ home (“the palace in Dallas,” some are calling it, which would work great, except the stadium’s actually located in Arlington) by the New York Giants on a last play field goal, only to discover that Dell has announced its intent acquire IT services firm Perot Systems in a deal worth an estimated $3.9B.

According to a press release on the Dell web site, “the acquisition will result in a compelling combination of two iconic information-technology brands. The expanded Dell will be even better positioned for immediate and long-term growth and efficiency driven by:

  • Providing a broader range of IT services and solutions and optimizing how they’re delivered;
  • Extending the reach of Perot Systems’ capabilities, including in the most dynamic customer segments, around the world; and,
  • Supplying leading Dell computer systems to even more Perot Systems customers.

The Wall Street Journal indicated the merged firm would have “$8B in services revenue” and would seek to “better position Dell among its more diversified rivals like HP.

Speaking of rivals, did anybody catch the Chelsea Blues 3-nil trouncing of the Tottenham Hotspurs (“Spurs”) yesterday morning (U.S. time) at Stamford Bridge?

I’m still convinced most Americans don’t know what they’re missing in not checking out more Premiere League soccer (read: futbol) action…I’m convinced it’s one of the best and most competitive sports leagues in the world…and with satellite and cable carrying so many of their games these days, it’s an excellent way to fill in the gaps in one’s sports calendars.

Anyhow, that first goal by Ashley Cole, in which Cole seemed to glide across the turf a few inches and head in a cross from Didier Drogba, was an absolute thing of beauty.

Of course, all this football talk is perhaps just me getting psyched up for next year’s World Cup in South Africa, fantasizing about being sent there to blog about how IBM can help build a smarter planet through World Cup soccer.

A man’s gotta have his dreams…including Michael Dell.

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September 21, 2009 at 1:59 pm

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